As a filmmaker, I've produced three independent feature films, alongside a diverse array of projects including short films, promotional videos, music videos, sports coverage, events, and weddings. With a master's degree in screenwriting from the esteemed Ecole de la cité, founded by the renowned producer/director Luc Besson, I bring a unique storytelling expertise to every project.
My experiences extend beyond camera operation and editing. I've had the privilege of interning on the sets of major films like 'Lucy' (2014) and 'Valerian' (2017), and received direct mentorship from industry leaders including Luc Besson himself. This immersion in the world of high-caliber filmmaking has deepened my understanding of visual storytelling and screenwriting, enabling me to create content that resonates.
I leverage this rich background to produce videos that are not just visually striking, but also strategically crafted to convey your values and messages effectively to the right audience. Whether it's capturing the essence of a brand, the excitement of an event, or the emotion of a personal story, my goal is to create impactful work that truly connects with viewers.
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