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My work includes having produced three independent feature films as well as short films, promotional videos, music, sports, events, weddings,... 

It's 2022...

Video is the most powerful communication tool and can do incredible things.
Beyond my camera operating and editing skill, I have an expertise in storytelling. Graduate of a masters degree in screenwriting from industry leading school "Ecole de la cité" whose president and creator is producer/director Luc Besson.
I have had the chance to intern on the set of Lucy (2014), Valerian (2017) as well as receiving masterclasses and guidance from Luc Besson himself and a lot of other industry leaders.

The structure of stories and screenwriting components that I have studied over the years allow me to work more efficiently towards filming for a reason, and making impactful work for the right audience to convey the values and messages that you need to say.
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