Infant video is a unique service for you and your child.

Here you are on a special page designed for those who wants to keep a trace of the special moments.
Life is happening fast, especially when it's good. When we're happy, when we're with the ones we love, family, friends, childrens. 
What I offer here is for you to keep a video memory of something that touches you. Something you love, a moment, people, a place.
Because when we watch these moments in the future, we will be taken back to a place in our mind where memories are revived, and it can allow for our nostalgy to feel delightful and give us the energy to keep going in the present moment.
This is maybe my favorite service to offer because I am someone sensitive who values life, health and love.
The three things I offer are :

- Infant cinematic videos
I come to your home for a studio shoot and do a 1 minute 4k video
Or we go outside in a park or a location of your choice.
Even though this service is usually 1h30 long, when it comes to this kind of intricate work, I am not counting the minutes and if your baby is not showing his best smile or is shy at first, I will wait with you and capture the best so that you end up with an amazing video to look at for life.

- Engagement, Weddings and lovers
Wedding prices here 
Engagement shoot or lover's memories
1 minute 4k video of you and your loved one in a location of your choice, editing included.
Slow motion work, macro, beautiful composition and you can choose the music.

- Family video
Just like the infant and couple's videos, I can make a beautiful memory video of your family either hanging out at home or doing an activity outdoor.
You can be as many family member's as you like, (kids, parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, etc...) and I will capture the beauty and magic of the day for you to save for ever.

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